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In collaboration with some of the world’s greatest artists, Rhythms Del Mundo is releasing its sixth fundraising album: PLASTIC OCEANS, in 2017. Here you can listen and digitally download a pre-release product in return for a small donation to the causes that Rhythms Del Mundo supports. All proceeds from PLASTIC OCEANS will go towards marine conservation and climate adaptation projects across the world, through Rhythms Del Mundo’s charity branch Artists Project Earth. To date Artists Project Earth has supported over 360 projects worldwide from its art, music and events work. Listen to the pre-release album and download  today…

Rhythms Del Mundo: Plastic Oceans… great music supporting the work of Artists Project Earth…

The earth and all her inhabitants teeter on the edge of climate chaos; for too long we have ignored the warnings of indigenous people, elders, scientists and visionaries. We’re in the last-chance saloon, and that place is Paris, COP21.

But … throughout the world millions of people are saying, “It doesn’t have to be like this,” and through their thoughts, words and actions, they are ‘being the change’. On every issue, at every level, governments and business leaders are being challenged by civil society to think differently – as if the Earth matters – and little by little, things are changing. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than fossil fuels, food waste is being diverted to those in need, communities are uniting against fracking and GMOs. A new world is emerging…

Artists Project Earth is releasing its sixth fundraising album, Rhythms del Mundo: Plastic Oceans to raise funds and awareness to support the work of those caring for the earth and the oceans. To date, APE has supported over 360 projects worldwide that are helping to bring about a better world. With your support in buying this album, we can fund even more fantastic projects. Thank you.

Rhythms Del Mundo: Oceans… great music supporting the work of Artists Project Earth…

Rhythms Del Mundo is a project created by Artists Project Earth to raise awareness of the impact of climate change….

Rhythms Del Mundo Oceans will contribute to the ongoing work of our sister charity, Artists Project Earth …..

Plastic Oceans
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